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Camino 2022

Jean-Marc Strydom Ruta de la Plata and the Camino Sanabres (Sevilla)Port Elizabeth11-April-2022Cycled
Leigh McCleland Ruta de la Plata and the Camino Sanabres (Sevilla)Port Elizabeth11-April-2022Cycled

Camino 2019

Anmeriza van Wyk Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Andries(Jaco) Viljoen Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Beulah Gerbach Frances (Leon)Cape Town16-July-19on foot
Danicke Benade - Portuguese (Lisbon)Seoul, South Korea28-Jul-19on foot
David Slater - Frances (O Porriño)Cape Town27-June-19on foot
Debbie Foster - Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria24-Oct-19on foot
Debbie Foster - PadroniaPretoria23-Oct-19on foot
Di Burger - Salvador (Leon)Cape Town06-May-19on foot
Elaine Stupart - Portuguese (Porto)East London19-Aug-19on foot
Hannalie Benade Portuguese (Lisbon)Hermanus, SA28-July-19on foot
Heide-Marié van der Merwe Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Ina von Brandis - Spanish (Seville)George25-Mar-19on foot
Ina von Brandis - FisterraGeorge29-Mar-19on foot
Jeremy Cole - Del Norte (Santander)Cape Town30-May-19on foot
Joalitha van Zyl - Portuguese (Porto)George27-May-19on foot
Joalitha van Zyl - FinisterraGeorge10-June-19on foot
Johannes Vorster Frances (Leon)Hermanus17-May-19on foot
Karin Vorster Frances (Leon)Hermanus17-May-19on foot
Lolita Viljoen(Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Mariette J Slippens (Sarria)Johannesburg20-June-19on foot
Petra Johannet Odendaal - Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Paul Coenraad (Coenie) Odendaal - Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Paul Burger - Salvador (Leon)Cape Town06-May-19on foot
Quintus Heine - Portuguese (Lisbon)Cape Town16-June-19on foot
Ryno De Jager Frances (Leon)Cape Town16-July-19on foot

Camino 2018

Anelize Meyer - (SJPDP) FrancesPretoria14-June-18on foot
Anelize Meyer - (Muxia)Pretoria18-July-18on foot
Anelize Meyer - (Fisterra)Pretoria21-July-18on foot
Bronwyn McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-June-18on foot
Deacon Les Ruhrmund - Primitivo (Oviedo)Bishopscourt CT24-Apr-18on foot
Frederik Meyer - (SJPDP) FrancesPretoria14-June-18on foot
Frederik Meyer - (Muxia)Pretoria18-July-18on foot
Frederik Meyer - (Fisterra)Pretoria21-July-18on foot
Gerbrecht C Botha - Camino Del Norte-(Santander)Hartbeespoortdam16-May-18on foot
Jeremy Cole - Portuguese (Porto)Cape Town16-May-18on foot
Jeremy Cole - Camino de la Plata (Salamanca )Cape Town27-Sept-18on foot
Henry Bezuidenhout - Frances (Sarria)Port Elizabeth05-Apr-18on foot
Ina von Brandis - Portuguese Coastal (Oporto)George Western Cape04-May-18on foot
Izak van Niekerk - Portuguese (Oporto)Strand, Cape Town12-Oct-18on foot
Jacobus Roos - Frances (Leon)Centurion, Pretoria27-Mar-18Cycled
Jacob Albertus Cleophas - Portuguese (Oporto)George Western Cape04-May-18on foot
Lila van Niekerk - Portuguese (Oporto)Strand, Cape Town12-Oct-18on foot
Martin Els - Frances (Sarria)Witbank26-June-18on foot
Rina Els - Frances (Sarria)Witbank04-May-18on foot
Roy McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-June-18on foot
Susan Bezuidenhout - Frances (Sarria)Port Elizabeth05-Apr-18on foot
Tobie Hanekom - Frances (Leon)Port Elizabeth23-June-18on foot
William Solomon - Porto/Seaside/Central/Variante EspiritualPretoria04-May-18on foot

Camino 2017

Agnes Helen van Rensburg - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town24-Aug-17on foot
Aleta Wege - Frances (SJPDP)Strand23-June-17on foot
Antoinette Morgan Primitivo (Bilbao via Oviedo)Johannesburg03-Sept-17on foot
Ashleen Bredeveldt - Frances (Sarria)Cape Town10-August-17on foot
Benita Serfontein - Frances (SJPDP)Centurion13-June-17on foot
Danicke Benade - Frances (SJPDP)Seoul, South Korea31-Jul-17on foot
Danicke Benade - FisterraSeoul, South Korea04-Aug-17on foot
Danicke Benade - MuxiaSeoul, South Korea05-Aug-17on foot
Debbie Foster - Portuguese (Porto) & Spiritual RoutePretoria04-Oct-17on foot
Denise O’Callaghan - Frances (Sarria)Johannesburg18-Apr-17on foot
Des Bradley - Frances (Ponferadda)Port Elizabeth03-Oct-17on foot
Edmund Burke - Frances (SJPDP)Port Elizabeth09-May-17on foot
Elaine Stupart Camino del Norte (Gihon)Pinetown KZN18-Aug-17on foot
Erich Graham Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Frederick Kroehnert - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town05-Mar-17on foot
Frederick Kroehnert - Frances (Mux)Cape Town09-Mar-17on foot
Frederick Kroehnert - Frances (Fin)Cape Town10-Mar-17on foot
Errol van Rensburg - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town24-Aug-17on foot
Ethan Rafe Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Gerdha Ochse - Portuguese (Lisbon)Pretoria26-May-17on foot
Hannalie Benade - Frances (SJPDP)Hermanus, Cape Town31-Jul-17on foot
Hannalie Benade - FisterraHermanus, Cape Town04-Aug-17on foot
Hannalie Benade - MuxiaHermanus, Cape Town05-Aug-17on foot
Helène Smit - Frances (SJPDP)Stellenbosch30-Apr-17on foot
Helène Smit - Frances (Fin)Stellenbosch05-May-17on foot
Helène Smit - Frances (Mux)Stellenbosch04-May-17on foot
Jeremy Cole - Camino del Ebro (Zaragoza)Cape town12-Oct-17on foot
Joalitha van Zyl - Camino Frances (Astorga)George04-June-17on foot
Juliet Thomatos - Portugal (Porto)Durbanville10-07-17on foot
Kiefer Friedrich Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Louise du Toit - Via Limovicensis to SantiagoSomerset West16-May-17on foot
Mark Bredeveldt - Frances (Sarria)Cape Town10-August-17on foot
Miempie Louw - Portugal (Porto)Pretoria09-June-17on foot
Monya Elizabeth Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Peter Flack - Frances (Leon)Durbanville20-Apr-17on foot
Pierre du Toit - Via Limovicensis to SantiagoSomerset West16-May-17on foot
Riaan Louw - Portugal (Porto)Pretoria09-June-17on foot
Richard O’Callaghan - Frances (Sarria)Johannesburg18-Apr-17on foot
Richard Stupart Camino del Norte (Gihon)Pinetown KZN18-Aug-17on foot
Sandra Delport - Portuguese Camino (Oporto)Durbanville Cape Town23-Jun-17on foot
Susan Vallance - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town13-Jun-17on foot
Susan E Wentworth - Frances (SJPDP)Grahamstown18-Aug-17on foot
Theresa Burke - Frances (SJPDP)Port Elizabeth09-May-17on foot
William Vallance Camino Frances (Astorga)Cape Town13-Jun-17on foot

Camino 2016

Amanda Matthee - Frances (SJPDP)Durbanville17-Nov-16on foot
Annemarie Graham - Portuguese (Lisbon)Durban10-Oct-16on foot
Annette Milner - Primitivo (Oviedo)Cape Town30-May-16on foot
Astrid Solomon - Frances (Pamplona)Pretoria07-June-16on foot
Barbara Byerley27-May-16on foot
Billy Downer - Portuguese Coastal Camino - MougásCape Town08-June-16on foot
Brenda Sideratos - Frances (SJPDP)Paarl Cape Town14-Nov-16on foot
Carla Heskel - Lucca to RomeNoordhoek05-June-16on foot
Carla Heskel - Portuguese (Porto)Noordhoek23-June-16on foot
Darryl Frost - Portuguese (Oporto)Edenvale20-Sept-16on foot
Derrick Milner - Primitivo (Oviedo)Stockholm30-May-16on foot
Desiree Bradley (Fisterra)Port Elizabeth15-Jun-16on foot
Dorothea Cloete - Frances (SJPDP)Hout Bay - Cape Town23-Sept-16on foot
Doreen Schmidt - Portuguese (Porto)Plettenberg Bay03-Oct-16on foot
Doreen Schmidt - FinnisterrePlettenberg Bay03-Oct-16on foot
Durma Loubser - Frances (Leon)Jeffreys Bay15-June-16on foot
Errol DerrickStrand23-Sept-16cycled
Frederick A Splinter - Frances (SJPDP)Zeekoevlei, Cape Town12-Oct-16on foot
Garry Boyd - Burgos to SantiagoCape Town12-June-16on foot
Gert Graham Portuguese (Lisbon )Durban10-Oct-16on foot
Glynis Steer - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg20-Oct-16on foot
Hennie de Kock - Frances (SJPDP)26-April-16on foot
Hennie de Kock - Muxia29-April-16on foot
Hennie de Kock - Finistera29-April-16on foot
Ina Botha - Francigena - La Douay Switzerland to RomeHartbeespoort22-July-16on foot
Ina Von Brandis - Frances (SJPDP)George30-March-16on foot
Ina Von Brandis - MuxiaGeorge29-April-16on foot
Ina Von Brandis - FinisteraGeorge29-April-16on foot
Jacqueline Jacobs - Frances (Sarria)Cape Town02-June-16on foot
James Graham Greathead - Portuguese CoastalHermanus16-May-16on foot
Jennifer Ida Underwood - PortugueseKenilworth13-May-16on foot
Jeremy Cole - Bilbao to SantiagoCape Town09-June-16on foot
Juliet Thomatos - Frances (Pamplona)Durbanville13-May-16on foot
Julene Snyman - Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West20-June-16on foot
Kathleen Manson - Frances (SJPDP)Durbanville01-June-16on foot
Keith Hughes - Frances (SJPDP)Table View07-Oct-16on foot
Liz Hughes - Frances (SJPDP)Table View07-Oct-16on foot
Louise Francis Standley - Portuguese (Porto) Coastal RouteMidrand28-Sept-16on foot
Marki Fourie - Portuguese (Porto to Santiago)Mellville Johannesburg9-July-16on foot
Michael Boyd - Burgos to SantiagoCape Town12-June-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - Frances (SJPDP)Marikana15-Mar-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - (Fisterra)Marikana15-Apr-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - (Mux)Marikana17-Apr-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - Frances/Del Norte
(SJPDP to Léon, Gijón - Santiago) & (Porto to Santiago)
Marikana04-Jun-16on foot
Moira Strydom - Frances (Sarria)Gauteng16-June-16on foot
Noel Bugan - Frances (SJPDP)Retreat, Cape Town18-May-16on foot
Paddy Milner - Primitivo (Oviedo)Cape Town30-May-16on foot
Patrick Otto Taylor - Frances (Sarria)Mossel Bay15-10-16on foot
Patricia C. Splinter - Frances (SJPDP)Zeekoevlei, Cape Town12-Oct-16on foot
Pauline Ann Blomkamp - Portuguese (Porto)McGregor, Western Cape16-May-16on foot
Peter Graham Underwood - PortugueseKenilworth13-May-16on foot
Rob Steer - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg20-10-16on foot
Salomé Benedetti - Frances (SJPDP)Strand23-Sept-16cycled
Sandra Delport -Frances (Pamplona)Durbanville13-May-16on foot
Sandra Hembling - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town31-Aug-16on foot
Sandra Lee-Annn Taylor - Frances (Sarria)Mossel Bay15-Oct-16on foot
Stephany Richter - Frances (SJPDP)Diep River, Cape Town08-July-16on foot
Susan Frost - Portuguese (Porto)Edenvale20-Sept-16on foot
Teresa Eales - Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria18-May-16on foot
Wally Manson - Frances (SJPDP )Durbanville01-June-16on foot
William de Villiers - Portuguese (Mougás)Cape Town08-June-16on foot
William Solomon - Frances (Pamplona)Pretoria07-June-16on foot
Zoe Snyman - Frances (SJPDP )Somerset West20-June-16on foot

Camino 2015

Alan Mocke - Pamplona to SantiagoBarrydale, Cape Town09-Sept-15on foot
Alberto Otero (Frances)Blouberg, Cape Town12-Oct-15on foot
Andrew Veldman - Camino Frances (Leon)Stellenbosch23-June-15on foot
Andries Johannes (André) van der Merwe (Camino Frances - Sarria)Stellenbosch15-Oct-15on foot
Angela KrausBenoni09-Oct-15on foot
Anna-Marie van der Merwe - Frances (SJPDP)Stellenbosch15-Oct-15on foot
Anton de Klerk - Camino FrancesPretoria03-Jun-15on foot
Bronwyn McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-Jun-15on foot
Carla Heskel - Frances (SJPDP)Noordhoek05-June-15on foot
Catherine Coni - Frances (Leon)Pretoria28-Jun-15on foot
Chris van Staden - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria04-June-15on foot
Chris van Staden - FinisterrePretoria11-June-15on foot
Chris van Staden - MuxiaPretoria09-June-15on foot
Coretha Schoeman – Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria03-Oct-15on foot
David Hofmeyr - Camino FrancesCape Town10-May-15on foot
Darryl Frost - Sarria to SantiagoEdenvale21-May-15on foot
Deborah Boyles - Ponferrada to SantiagoCape Town17-May-15on foot
Elaine Diesel - Burgos - SantiagoMossel Bay30-Sept-15on foot
Emile Kruger - Portuguese (Lisbon)Simons Town07-Jun-15on foot
Gert Schoeman – Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria03-Oct-15on foot
Gideon Malherbe - Frances (Leon)Observatory Cape Town23-Apr-15on foot
Hans Prüter - Via Del La Plata (Cadiz - Seville)Cape Town12-May-15on foot
Hans Prüter - MuxiaCape Town16-May-15on foot
Hans Prüter - FinisterreCape Town17-May-15on foot
Hardie van Schalkwyk - Portuguese (Barcelos)Cape Town03-May-15on foot
Hester NiemandBloemfontein03-Jun-15on foot
Hilary Joan Appelgryn - Frances (SJPDP)Rustenburg30-Sept-15on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe - Östereichischen (Melk to Innsbruck)Betty's Bay13-May-15on foot
Ina Botha - Frances (Logrono to Sarria)Hartbeespoortdam12-Jun-15on foot
Ina Botha - FinisterreHartbeespoortdam23-Jun-15on foot
James Graham Greathead – del Norte Luarca to Ribadeo- Vilalba to SantiagoHermanus21-Sept-15on foot
Jacoba Susanna van Deventer - Frances (Burgos)Mossel Bay25-Sept-15on foot
Jan MentzHarrismith03-Jun-15on foot
Jane Hofmeyr - Camino FrancesCape Town10-May-15on foot
Jeneen Cilliers - Frances (Sarria)Sasolburg, Free State12-Sept-15on foot
Jeremy Cole - Portuguese (Lisbon)Cape Town23-May-15on foot
Joanne Roodt - Frances (SJPDP)Fish Hoek28-Sept-15on foot
Johan Le Roux - Portuguese (Porto)Worcester18-May-15on foot
Jolien De Klerk - Camino FrancesPretoria03-Jun-15on foot
Josie Schoeman – Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria03-Oct-15on foot
Judith Hultzer - Frances (SJPDP)Fish Hoek28-Sept-15on foot
Letitia Ford - Portuguese (Porto)Johannesburg21-Sept-15on foot
Leonora Veldman - Camino Frances (Leon)Paarl23-June-15on foot
Lientjie Mentz - Camino FrancesBloemfontein03-Jun-15on foot
Maretha Van Niekerk - Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West01-Jun-15on foot
Marianne van Wyk - Sarria to SantiagoPrince Alfred Hamlet12-Sept-15on foot
Marietjie van Zyl - Camino Frances (Masilla de las Mulas)Goodwood, Cape Town28-Sept-15on foot
Merle Greenwood - Portuguese (Porto)Cape Town12-May-15on foot
Michael Carl Appelgryn - Frances (SJPDP)Rustenburg30-Sept-15on foot
Nell Kruger - Camino FrancesCape Town31-May-15on foot
Nigel Coni - Frances (Leon)Pretoria28-Jun-15on foot
Otto Wulff - Frances (SJPDP)East London16-Jun-15on foot
Pieter Maritz - Portuguese Porto - SantiagoStellenbosch20-Oct-15on foot
Philda Benkenstein - Astorga to SantiagoGeorge19-Sept-15on foot
Roy McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-June-15on foot
Sally Ann Kruger - Portuguese (Lisbon)Simons Town07-Jun-15on foot
Sandra van Staden - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria04-June-15on foot
Sandra van Staden - FinisterrePretoria11-June-15on foot
Sandra van Staden - MuxiaPretoria09-June-15on foot
Sann van den Berg - Frances (SJPDP)Ladybrand03-Jun-15on foot
Sue FreelingHout Bay15-May-15on foot
Susan Frost Sarria to SantiagoEdenvale21-May-15on foot
Susan Vallance - Porto - SantiagoCape Town03-June-15on foot
Silvia Santiago (Camino Frances)Blouberg, Cape Town12-Oct-15on foot
Willem Malherbe - Östereichischen (Melk to Innsbruck)Betty's Bay13-May-15on foot
William (Bill) Vallance - Portuguese Camino (Porto)Cape Town03-June-15on foot

Camino 2014

Alison Cope - Frances (Leon)Sea Point20-Aug-14on foot
Annamarie van Renen - Portuguese (Porto)Lydenberg19-Jun-14on foot
Angela Rademeyer - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg14-Jun-14on foot
Axel Braumann - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria07-Oct-14on foot
Barbara Raubenheimer - Frances (SJPDP)Hilton PMB14-Jul-14on foot
Carole Ann Green - Frances (SJPDP)Humewood02-Oct-14on foot
Carla Heskel - Frances (SJPDP)Noordhoek01-Jul-14on foot
Chris Faure - (SJPDP)Cape Town22-Sept-14on foot
Chris Faure - PortugueseCape Town13-Oct-14on foot
Chris Faure - FisterraCape Town02-Oct-14on foot
Dalena Roux - Frances (SJPDP)Franschhoek21-Oct-14on foot
David Roberts - Del Norte (Irun)Cape Town14-Oct-14on foot
David Roberts - FinisterreCape Town24-Oct-14on foot
Denise Gowar - Frances (SJPDP)Richmond (KZN)01-Oct-14on foot
Diana Jones - Frances (Pamplona)Newlands05-Oct-14on foot
Doreen Schmidt - Frances (Ponferrada)Plettenberg Bay14-Oct-14on foot
Erich Kröhnert - Frances (Burgos)Cape Town03-Aug-14on foot
Erika Schwar - Frances (Samos)Somerset West15-Jun-14on foot
Frederick Kröhnert - LeonCape Town04-Aug-14on foot
Gail Baker - Frances (SJPDP)Hermanus14-Jun-14on foot
Gerard Mac Carron - Frances (Astorga)Boksburg25-Aug-14on foot
Gerda Loubser - Frances (Rouncesvalles)Pretoria09-Oct-14on foot
Gillian Robertson - Portuguese (Porto)Gauteng25-Apr-14on foot
Helena Jordaan - Frances (SJPDP)Joostenberg Vlakte25-May-14on foot
Jac Buchner - Pamplona to SantiagoBetty's Bay30-Apr-14on foot
James Graham Greathead – Primitivo – (Oviedo)Hermanus30-Sept-14on foot
James Graham Greathead – FinisterreHermanus04-Oct-14on foot
James Green - Frances (SJPDP)Humewood02-Oct-14on foot
Jane Erasmus - Frances (SJPDP)Parow North09-Oct-14on foot
Jane Erasmus - FinisterreParow North16-Oct-14on foot
Jane Erasmus - MuxiaParow North14-Oct-14on foot
Janene Mostert - Sarria to SantiagoCape Town14-July-14on foot
Jeanne Human - Frances (Roncesvalles)Stellenbosch28-Jun-14on foot
Johan Koen - Portuguese (Porto)Plettenberg Bay20-Sep-14on foot
Johanna Susanna Koen - Portuguese (Porto)Plettenberg Bay20-Sep-14on foot
John Bell - SJPP to SantiagoPretoria07-Jun-14on foot
Julene Snyman Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West24-June-14on foot
Julian BattagliaCape Town18-Apr-14on foot
Kathy Manson - Portuguese (Rubiaes)Durbanville20-May-14on foot
Leonora Veldman - Camino Frances (Leon)Paarl16-June-14on foot
Lesley Roberts - Del Norte (Irun)Cape Town14-Oct-14on foot
Lesley Roberts - FinisterreCape Town24-Oct-14on foot
Loretta HenryCape Town10-Oct-14on foot
Lydia Naude - Portuguese (Porto)Marquard19-Jun-14on foot
Magda Bell - SJPP to SantiagoPretoria07-Jun-14on foot
Maggie TurnerTable View18-Jun-14on foot
Magteld Malinda De Kock - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria03-Oct-14on foot
Margaret Mains-Sheard - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg21-Oct-14on foot
Margret Jansen - Portuguese (Fatima)Hillcrest22-May-14on foot
Mariana Brits - Frances (SJPDP)Bloemfontein03-Oct-14on foot
Marina Vermeulen - Frances (Sarria)Stellenbosch25-May-14on foot
Marlene Gilbert - Portuguese (Porto)Cape Town24-Apr-14on foot
Muriel Doherty - Frances (SJPDP)Ballito28-May-14on foot
Peter Baker - Frances (SJPDP)Hermanus14-Jun-14on foot
Philip Morse - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town16-Jun-14on foot
Philip Van Der Merwe - Del Norte (Irun)Cape Town05-Aug-14on foot
Phillipa Lever-Cloete - Frances (Sarria)Pinelands08-Jun-14on foot
Riana Van Emmenis - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria25-Sep-14on foot
Ruby Braumann - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria07-Oct-14on foot
Sonja van Zyl - Frances (SJPDP)Kempton Park30-Aug-14on foot
Sonja van Zyl - FinisterreKempton Park03-Sep-14on foot
Stefani Morse - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town16-Jun-14on foot
Taryn Mac Carron - Frances (Astorga)Boksburg25-Aug-14on foot
Ted Burke - Portuguese (Valenca)Port Elizabeth24-Jun-14on foot
Theresa Burke - Portuguese (Valenca)Port Elizabeth24-Jun-14on foot
Yvette AlbertseCape Town30-April-14on foot
Vanessa Fisher - Frances (Leon)Durban15-Jun-14on foot
Walter Manson - Portuguese (Rubiaes)Durbanville20-May-14on foot
Wilhelmina Pienaar - Frances (SJPDP)Centurion25-Sep-14on foot
Wilhelmina Pienaar - FinisterreCenturion28-Sep-14on foot

Camino 2013

Alison Cope - Frances (SJPDP to Leon)Sea Point28-Aug-13on foot
Amanda PrestonEast London3-Jul-13on foot
Andre Botha - De la Plata (Seville)Johannesburg21-Jun-13cycling
Annalie de BruynCresta28-Sep-13on foot
Anne FraserJohannesburg28-Jun-13on foot
Anni Loots -Portuguese (Porto)Prieska6-Jun-13on foot
Ansa TreurnichParys (FS)21-Jun-13on foot
Ben JagerSt Helena Bay (WC)8-May-13on foot
Carel WellingHarrismith (FS)12-Jun-13on foot
Cathy NellPretoria21-May-13on foot
Cedric MeyerMarina da Gama9-Oct-13on foot
Cheri de WaalConstantia24-May-13cycling
Cheryl BeerCape Town17-Jun-13on foot
Cheryl LauriePinelands12-May-13on foot
Christa SlabbertBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Christopher GrestDurban14-Oct-13on foot
Daniel RoosBergbron23-Apr-13on foot
Darren Combrink - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town21-June-13on foot
Debbie Botha - Portuguese (Tui)Sandton3-May-13on foot
Denise Pudney - Portuguese (Rubiaes)Port Eizabeth9-Jul-13on foot
Derick van Wyk - Frances (Ponferadda)MPUMALANGA07-April-13on foot
Dirk GroenewaldDurbanville22-May-13on foot
Dirk Loots -Portuguese (Porto)Prieska6-Jun-13on foot
Doug Boake -Portuguese (Porto)Garden View14-Oct-13on foot
Elsa Behrtel -Portuguese (Porto)Centurion05-May-13on foot
Emile KrugerSimons Town6-Jun-13on foot
Engela RoosBergbron23-Apr-13on foot
Eric PikePort Elizabeth26-May-3on foot
Errol KrugerWalmer Estate12-Oct-13on foot
Errol Kruger -FinisterreWalmer Estate16-Oct-13on foot
Errol Kruger - MuxiaWalmer Estate17-Oct-13on foot
Fiona Lees - Frances (Leon to Santiago)Hogsback, Eastern Cape20-Feb-13on foot
Francois de WaalConstantia24-May-13cycling
Gary De Klerk - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town20-Jul-13on foot
Gary De Klerk - FinisterreCape Town24-Jul-13on foot
Gayle MatthewsVredendal14-May-13on foot
Gerdha Ochse22-May-2013on foot
Gert Schoeman – Frances (Roncesvalles)Pretoria10-May-13on foot
Gwendama KrugerWalmer Estate12-Oct-13on foot
Godfrey SolomonWest Beach10-May-13on foot
Haffie (Anna Elizabeth) StraussClanwilliam27-May-13on foot
Hendrik Behrtel -Portuguese (Porto)Centurion05-May-13on foot
Hal DaceCape Town24-Sep-13on foot
Hans King - Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West01-May-13on foot
Heather DaviesKloof29-May-13on foot
Henning RadleyMalelane4-Jun-13on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe - Portuguese (Lisbon)Betty's Bay22-Sep-13on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe (Finisterre)Betty's Bay27-Sep-13on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe (Muxia)Betty's Bay25-Sep-13on foot
Ina von BrandisGeorge21-May-13on foot
Ingrid de StadlerTokai23-Sep-13on foot
Izak van Niekerk - Primitivo (Oviedo)Citrusdal17-Oct-13on foot
Jac Buchner - Sevilla to SantiagoBetty's Bay30-Apr-13on foot
James Graham Greathead – Portuguese – (Porto)Hermanus12-Oct-13on foot
Jennifer HareCape Town17-Jun-13on foot
Jeremy Cole - Del La Plata (Seville)Cape Town24-Sep-13on foot
Jo SchuttenCape Town18-Oct-13on foot
Johan CoetseeSomerset West22-May-13on foot
Johan le RouxWorcester20-May-13on foot
Johien van NiekerkPretoria13-Jun-13on foot
John Finlayson -Portuguese (Porto)Garden View (Gauteng)14-Oct-13on foot
Joyce PikePort Elizabeth26-May-13on foot
Judith ShierDurban14-Oct-13on foot
Karen Baker - Primitivo (Oviedo)Paarl3-Jul-13on foot
Kim Lombard - Portuguese (Tui)Kempton Park3-May-13on foot
Les Ruhrmund -Portuguese (Porto)Bishopscourt7-Nov-13on foot
Lila van Niekerk - Primitivo (Oviedo)Citrusdal17-Oct-13on foot
Linsley Pudney -Portuguese (Rubiaes)Port Elizabeth9-Jul-13on foot
Lorina CronjeBethal6-Jul-13on foot
Lynne Boake -Portuguese (Porto)Garden View (Gauteng)14-Oct-13on foot
Luther van der MeschtMossel Bay8-Jun-13on foot
Lyn AndersonSandton9-Sep-13on foot
Magdeld NeethlingBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Maggie TurnerTable View7 Jun-13on foot
Margaret FargeTokai23-Sep-13on foot
Maria KyriacouStrathavon23-Oct-13on foot
Mariette ViviersKnysna21-Oct-13on foot
Marion RasJeffreys Bay14-Jun-13on foot
Martha BilroDurban21-May-13on foot
Maryka VermaakCape Town28-May-13on foot
Michael Lawrence -FinisterrePinelands02-Apr-13on foot
Michael Lawrence - MuxiaPinelands01-Apr-13on foot
Michael Lawrence -Portuguese (Porto)Pinelands29-Mar-13on foot
Mike ConnollyBordeaux (Gauteng)9-Sep-13on foot
Monica EnslinVanderbijlpark21-May-13on foot
Morrell Rosseau - Del Norte (Irun)Westville11-Jul-13on foot
Muriel van der MeschtMossel Bay8-Jun-13on foot
Nell Kruger - Portugese CaminoCape Town26-June-13on foot
Pam Miller - FisterraTable View20-Jun-13on foot
Pam Miller -Portuguese (Porto)Table View16-Jun-13on foot
Paul FahyPort Elizabeth8-Aug-13on foot
Pauline Rosseau - Del Norte (Irun)Westville11-Jul-13on foot
Peta-Lee FargeTokau23-Sep-13on foot
Philip LangHilton21-Oct-13on foot
Reinette OosthuizenBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Reinette ThiartVredendal25-Oct-13on foot
Rhona LangHilton21-Oct-13on foot
Ria GroenewaldDurbanville22-May-13on foot
Rita Sephton - Frances (SJPDP)Gauteng20-Sep-13on foot
Ruth CompionPretoria21-May-13on foot
Sally KrugerSimons Town6-Jun-13on foot
Sanet FerreiraBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Stefan BothaPretoria14-Jun-13on foot
Sean du ToitStrathavon23-Oct-13on foot
Shireen MareeBordeaux (Gauteng)9-Sep-13on foot
Susanna Petronella van Wyk - Frances (Ponferadda)MPUMALANGA07-April-13on foot
Talitha Rabe -Portuguese (Porto)Garsfontein5-May-13on foot
Thomas JoubertSwellendam28-Jun-13on foot
Tony Wright -Portuguese (Lisbon)Johannesburg13-Oct-13on foot
Victoria TrehaevenJohannesburg6-Jun-13on foot
Willem Malherbe - Portuguese (Lisbon)Betty's Bay22-Sep-13on foot
Willem Malherbe (Finisterre)Betty's Bay27-Sep-13on foot
Willem Malherbe (Muxia)Betty's Bay25-Sep-13on foot
Yvonne BrandVredendal14-May-13on foot