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Camino de Santiago – Compostela Register 

If you would like to be listed on the CSJofSA Compostela Register: 

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Camino 2023

Delme Linscott Camino Primitivo (Oviedo)Fish Hoek
31 May 2023Walked
Griffon Pheiffer Camino Frances (Baiona)Paarl
1 March 2023Walked
Kim Linscott Camino Primitivo (Oviedo)Fish Hoek
31 May 2023Walked
Izak Nel Francigena from Calais to RomeGeorge
01 April 2023Walked
Ina von Brandis Francigena from Calais to RomeGeorge
01 April 2023Walked
Jaylene Pheiffer Camino Frances (Baiona)Paarl
1 March 2023Walked
Lynette Catherine Maart (Baiona)Woodstock
11 Oct 2023Walked
Lynette Catherine Maart Portugués da Costa Woodstock
09 Oct 2023Walked
Miempie Louw Camino Frances (SJP)Pretoria
17 June 2023Walked
Miempie Louw (Fisterra)Pretoria
26 June 2023Walked
Miempie Louw (Muxia)Pretoria
28 June 2023Walked
Riaan Louw Camino Frances (SJP)Pretoria
17 June 2023Walked
Riaan Louw (Fisterra)Pretoria
26 June 2023Walked
Riaan Louw (Muxia)Pretoria
28 June 2023Walked
Sandra Voerman (Camino del Norte)Gauteng
28 May 2023Walked

Camino 2022

Izak van Niekerk Camino dos Faros (Malpica)Strand10 Aug 2022Walked
Theresa Crafford Camino Frances (Sarria)Pretoria 27 May 2022Walked
Leigh McCleland Ruta de la Plata and the Camino Sanabres (Sevilla)Port Elizabeth11-April-2022Cycled
Gail Singer Camino Frances (Sarria)Centurion27 May 2022Walked
Jean-Marc Strydom Ruta de la Plata and the Camino Sanabres (Sevilla)Port Elizabeth11-April-2022Cycled
Megan Singer Camino Frances (Sarria)Centurion27 May 2022Walked
Morel Rosseau (Loyola) Camino IgnacianoHillcrest, KZN29 Sept 2022Walked
Pauline Rosseau (Loyola) Camino IgnacianoHillcrest, KZN29 Sept 2022Walked

Camino 2019

Anmeriza van Wyk Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Andries(Jaco) Viljoen Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Beulah Gerbach Frances (Leon)Cape Town16-July-19on foot
Danicke Benade - Portuguese (Lisbon)Seoul, South Korea28-Jul-19on foot
David Slater - Frances (O Porriño)Cape Town27-June-19on foot
Debbie Foster - Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria24-Oct-19on foot
Debbie Foster - PadroniaPretoria23-Oct-19on foot
Di Burger - Salvador (Leon)Cape Town06-May-19on foot
Elaine Stupart - Portuguese (Porto)East London19-Aug-19on foot
Hannalie Benade Portuguese (Lisbon)Hermanus, SA28-July-19on foot
Heide-Marié van der Merwe Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Ina von Brandis - Spanish (Seville)George25-Mar-19on foot
Ina von Brandis - FisterraGeorge29-Mar-19on foot
Jeremy Cole - Del Norte (Santander)Cape Town30-May-19on foot
Joalitha van Zyl - Portuguese (Porto)George27-May-19on foot
Joalitha van Zyl - FinisterraGeorge10-June-19on foot
Johannes Vorster Frances (Leon)Hermanus17-May-19on foot
Karin Vorster Frances (Leon)Hermanus17-May-19on foot
Lolita Viljoen(Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Mariette J Slippens (Sarria)Johannesburg20-June-19on foot
Morel Rosseau (Leon) FrancesHillcrest, KZN07-July-19on foot
Petra Johannet Odendaal - Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Paul Coenraad (Coenie) Odendaal - Portuguese (Valença)Pretoria12-May-19on foot
Paul Burger - Salvador (Leon)Cape Town06-May-19on foot
Pauline Rosseau (Leon) FrancesHillcrest, KZN07-July-19on foot
Quintus Heine - Portuguese (Lisbon)Cape Town16-June-19on foot
Ryno De Jager Frances (Leon)Cape Town16-July-19on foot

Camino 2018

Anelize Meyer - (SJPDP) FrancesPretoria14-June-18on foot
Anelize Meyer - (Muxia)Pretoria18-July-18on foot
Anelize Meyer - (Fisterra)Pretoria21-July-18on foot
Bronwyn McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-June-18on foot
Deacon Les Ruhrmund - Primitivo (Oviedo)Bishopscourt CT24-Apr-18on foot
Frederik Meyer - (SJPDP) FrancesPretoria14-June-18on foot
Frederik Meyer - (Muxia)Pretoria18-July-18on foot
Frederik Meyer - (Fisterra)Pretoria21-July-18on foot
Gerbrecht C Botha - Camino Del Norte-(Santander)Hartbeespoortdam16-May-18on foot
Jeremy Cole - Portuguese (Porto)Cape Town16-May-18on foot
Jeremy Cole - Camino de la Plata (Salamanca )Cape Town27-Sept-18on foot
Henry Bezuidenhout - Frances (Sarria)Port Elizabeth05-Apr-18on foot
Ina von Brandis - Portuguese Coastal (Oporto)George Western Cape04-May-18on foot
Izak van Niekerk - Portuguese (Oporto)Strand, Cape Town12-Oct-18on foot
Jacobus Roos - Frances (Leon)Centurion, Pretoria27-Mar-18Cycled
Jacob Albertus Cleophas - Portuguese (Oporto)George Western Cape04-May-18on foot
Lila van Niekerk - Portuguese (Oporto)Strand, Cape Town12-Oct-18on foot
Martin Els - Frances (Sarria)Witbank26-June-18on foot
Morel Rosseau - via Francigena (Lausanne)Hillcrest, KZN16-July-18on foot
Pauline Rosseau - via Francigena (Lausanne)Hillcrest, KZN16-July-18on foot
Rina Els - Frances (Sarria)Witbank04-May-18on foot
Roy McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-June-18on foot
Susan Bezuidenhout - Frances (Sarria)Port Elizabeth05-Apr-18on foot
Tobie Hanekom - Frances (Leon)Port Elizabeth23-June-18on foot
William Solomon - Porto/Seaside/Central/Variante EspiritualPretoria04-May-18on foot

Camino 2017

Agnes Helen van Rensburg - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town24-Aug-17on foot
Aleta Wege - Frances (SJPDP)Strand23-June-17on foot
Antoinette Morgan Primitivo (Bilbao via Oviedo)Johannesburg03-Sept-17on foot
Ashleen Bredeveldt - Frances (Sarria)Cape Town10-August-17on foot
Benita Serfontein - Frances (SJPDP)Centurion13-June-17on foot
Danicke Benade - Frances (SJPDP)Seoul, South Korea31-Jul-17on foot
Danicke Benade - FisterraSeoul, South Korea04-Aug-17on foot
Danicke Benade - MuxiaSeoul, South Korea05-Aug-17on foot
Debbie Foster - Portuguese (Porto) & Spiritual RoutePretoria04-Oct-17on foot
Denise O’Callaghan - Frances (Sarria)Johannesburg18-Apr-17on foot
Des Bradley - Frances (Ponferadda)Port Elizabeth03-Oct-17on foot
Edmund Burke - Frances (SJPDP)Port Elizabeth09-May-17on foot
Elaine Stupart Camino del Norte (Gihon)Pinetown KZN18-Aug-17on foot
Erich Graham Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Frederick Kroehnert - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town05-Mar-17on foot
Frederick Kroehnert - Frances (Mux)Cape Town09-Mar-17on foot
Frederick Kroehnert - Frances (Fin)Cape Town10-Mar-17on foot
Errol van Rensburg - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town24-Aug-17on foot
Ethan Rafe Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Gerdha Ochse - Portuguese (Lisbon)Pretoria26-May-17on foot
Hannalie Benade - Frances (SJPDP)Hermanus, Cape Town31-Jul-17on foot
Hannalie Benade - FisterraHermanus, Cape Town04-Aug-17on foot
Hannalie Benade - MuxiaHermanus, Cape Town05-Aug-17on foot
Helène Smit - Frances (SJPDP)Stellenbosch30-Apr-17on foot
Helène Smit - Frances (Fin)Stellenbosch05-May-17on foot
Helène Smit - Frances (Mux)Stellenbosch04-May-17on foot
Jeremy Cole - Camino del Ebro (Zaragoza)Cape town12-Oct-17on foot
Joalitha van Zyl - Camino Frances (Astorga)George04-June-17on foot
Juliet Thomatos - Portugal (Porto)Durbanville10-07-17on foot
Kiefer Friedrich Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Louise du Toit - Via Limovicensis to SantiagoSomerset West16-May-17on foot
Mark Bredeveldt - Frances (Sarria)Cape Town10-August-17on foot
Miempie Louw - Portugal (Porto)Pretoria09-June-17on foot
Monya Elizabeth Kröhnert - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town16-July-17on foot
Morel Rosseau Portuguese (Lisbon)Hillcrest, KZN02-July-17on foot
Peter Flack - Frances (Leon)Durbanville20-Apr-17on foot
Pierre du Toit - Via Limovicensis to SantiagoSomerset West16-May-17on foot
Pauline Rosseau Portuguese (Lisbon)Hillcrest, KZN02-July-17on foot
Riaan Louw - Portugal (Porto)Pretoria09-June-17on foot
Richard O’Callaghan - Frances (Sarria)Johannesburg18-Apr-17on foot
Richard Stupart Camino del Norte (Gihon)Pinetown KZN18-Aug-17on foot
Sandra Delport - Portuguese Camino (Oporto)Durbanville Cape Town23-Jun-17on foot
Susan Vallance - Frances (Astorga)Cape Town13-Jun-17on foot
Susan E Wentworth - Frances (SJPDP)Grahamstown18-Aug-17on foot
Theresa Burke - Frances (SJPDP)Port Elizabeth09-May-17on foot
William Vallance Camino Frances (Astorga)Cape Town13-Jun-17on foot

Camino 2016

Amanda Matthee - Frances (SJPDP)Durbanville17-Nov-16on foot
Annemarie Graham - Portuguese (Lisbon)Durban10-Oct-16on foot
Annette Milner - Primitivo (Oviedo)Cape Town30-May-16on foot
Astrid Solomon - Frances (Pamplona)Pretoria07-June-16on foot
Barbara Byerley27-May-16on foot
Billy Downer - Portuguese Coastal Camino - MougásCape Town08-June-16on foot
Brenda Sideratos - Frances (SJPDP)Paarl Cape Town14-Nov-16on foot
Carla Heskel - Lucca to RomeNoordhoek05-June-16on foot
Carla Heskel - Portuguese (Porto)Noordhoek23-June-16on foot
Darryl Frost - Portuguese (Oporto)Edenvale20-Sept-16on foot
Derrick Milner - Primitivo (Oviedo)Stockholm30-May-16on foot
Desiree Bradley (Fisterra)Port Elizabeth15-Jun-16on foot
Dorothea Cloete - Frances (SJPDP)Hout Bay - Cape Town23-Sept-16on foot
Doreen Schmidt - Portuguese (Porto)Plettenberg Bay03-Oct-16on foot
Doreen Schmidt - FinnisterrePlettenberg Bay03-Oct-16on foot
Durma Loubser - Frances (Leon)Jeffreys Bay15-June-16on foot
Errol DerrickStrand23-Sept-16cycled
Frederick A Splinter - Frances (SJPDP)Zeekoevlei, Cape Town12-Oct-16on foot
Garry Boyd - Burgos to SantiagoCape Town12-June-16on foot
Gert Graham Portuguese (Lisbon )Durban10-Oct-16on foot
Glynis Steer - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg20-Oct-16on foot
Hennie de Kock - Frances (SJPDP)26-April-16on foot
Hennie de Kock - Muxia29-April-16on foot
Hennie de Kock - Finistera29-April-16on foot
Ina Botha - Francigena - La Douay Switzerland to RomeHartbeespoort22-July-16on foot
Ina Von Brandis - Frances (SJPDP)George30-March-16on foot
Ina Von Brandis - MuxiaGeorge29-April-16on foot
Ina Von Brandis - FinisteraGeorge29-April-16on foot
Jacqueline Jacobs - Frances (Sarria)Cape Town02-June-16on foot
James Graham Greathead - Portuguese CoastalHermanus16-May-16on foot
Jennifer Ida Underwood - PortugueseKenilworth13-May-16on foot
Jeremy Cole - Bilbao to SantiagoCape Town09-June-16on foot
Juliet Thomatos - Frances (Pamplona)Durbanville13-May-16on foot
Julene Snyman - Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West20-June-16on foot
Kathleen Manson - Frances (SJPDP)Durbanville01-June-16on foot
Keith Hughes - Frances (SJPDP)Table View07-Oct-16on foot
Liz Hughes - Frances (SJPDP)Table View07-Oct-16on foot
Louise Francis Standley - Portuguese (Porto) Coastal RouteMidrand28-Sept-16on foot
Marki Fourie - Portuguese (Porto to Santiago)Mellville Johannesburg9-July-16on foot
Michael Boyd - Burgos to SantiagoCape Town12-June-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - Frances (SJPDP)Marikana15-Mar-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - (Fisterra)Marikana15-Apr-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - (Mux)Marikana17-Apr-16on foot
Michiel de Wet - Frances/Del Norte
(SJPDP to Léon, Gijón - Santiago) & (Porto to Santiago)
Marikana04-Jun-16on foot
Moira Strydom - Frances (Sarria)Gauteng16-June-16on foot
Morel Rosseau - Vía de la Plata (Seville)Hillcrest, KZN09-Oct-16on foot
Noel Bugan - Frances (SJPDP)Retreat, Cape Town18-May-16on foot
Paddy Milner - Primitivo (Oviedo)Cape Town30-May-16on foot
Patrick Otto Taylor - Frances (Sarria)Mossel Bay15-10-16on foot
Patricia C. Splinter - Frances (SJPDP)Zeekoevlei, Cape Town12-Oct-16on foot
Pauline Rosseau - Vía de la Plata (Seville)Hillcrest, KZN09-Oct-16on foot
Pauline Ann Blomkamp - Portuguese (Porto)McGregor, Western Cape16-May-16on foot
Peter Graham Underwood - PortugueseKenilworth13-May-16on foot
Rob Steer - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg20-10-16on foot
Salomé Benedetti - Frances (SJPDP)Strand23-Sept-16cycled
Sandra Delport -Frances (Pamplona)Durbanville13-May-16on foot
Sandra Hembling - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town31-Aug-16on foot
Sandra Lee-Annn Taylor - Frances (Sarria)Mossel Bay15-Oct-16on foot
Stephany Richter - Frances (SJPDP)Diep River, Cape Town08-July-16on foot
Susan Frost - Portuguese (Porto)Edenvale20-Sept-16on foot
Teresa Eales - Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria18-May-16on foot
Wally Manson - Frances (SJPDP )Durbanville01-June-16on foot
William de Villiers - Portuguese (Mougás)Cape Town08-June-16on foot
William Solomon - Frances (Pamplona)Pretoria07-June-16on foot
Zoe Snyman - Frances (SJPDP )Somerset West20-June-16on foot

Camino 2015

Alan Mocke - Pamplona to SantiagoBarrydale, Cape Town09-Sept-15on foot
Alberto Otero (Frances)Blouberg, Cape Town12-Oct-15on foot
Andrew Veldman - Camino Frances (Leon)Stellenbosch23-June-15on foot
Andries Johannes (André) van der Merwe (Camino Frances - Sarria)Stellenbosch15-Oct-15on foot
Angela KrausBenoni09-Oct-15on foot
Anna-Marie van der Merwe - Frances (SJPDP)Stellenbosch15-Oct-15on foot
Anton de Klerk - Camino FrancesPretoria03-Jun-15on foot
Bronwyn McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-Jun-15on foot
Carla Heskel - Frances (SJPDP)Noordhoek05-June-15on foot
Catherine Coni - Frances (Leon)Pretoria28-Jun-15on foot
Chris van Staden - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria04-June-15on foot
Chris van Staden - FinisterrePretoria11-June-15on foot
Chris van Staden - MuxiaPretoria09-June-15on foot
Coretha Schoeman – Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria03-Oct-15on foot
David Hofmeyr - Camino FrancesCape Town10-May-15on foot
Darryl Frost - Sarria to SantiagoEdenvale21-May-15on foot
Deborah Boyles - Ponferrada to SantiagoCape Town17-May-15on foot
Elaine Diesel - Burgos - SantiagoMossel Bay30-Sept-15on foot
Emile Kruger - Portuguese (Lisbon)Simons Town07-Jun-15on foot
Gert Schoeman – Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria03-Oct-15on foot
Gideon Malherbe - Frances (Leon)Observatory Cape Town23-Apr-15on foot
Hans Prüter - Via Del La Plata (Cadiz - Seville)Cape Town12-May-15on foot
Hans Prüter - MuxiaCape Town16-May-15on foot
Hans Prüter - FinisterreCape Town17-May-15on foot
Hardie van Schalkwyk - Portuguese (Barcelos)Cape Town03-May-15on foot
Hester NiemandBloemfontein03-Jun-15on foot
Hilary Joan Appelgryn - Frances (SJPDP)Rustenburg30-Sept-15on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe - Östereichischen (Melk to Innsbruck)Betty's Bay13-May-15on foot
Ina Botha - Frances (Logrono to Sarria)Hartbeespoortdam12-Jun-15on foot
Ina Botha - FinisterreHartbeespoortdam23-Jun-15on foot
James Graham Greathead – del Norte Luarca to Ribadeo- Vilalba to SantiagoHermanus21-Sept-15on foot
Jacoba Susanna van Deventer - Frances (Burgos)Mossel Bay25-Sept-15on foot
Jan MentzHarrismith03-Jun-15on foot
Jane Hofmeyr - Camino FrancesCape Town10-May-15on foot
Jeneen Cilliers - Frances (Sarria)Sasolburg, Free State12-Sept-15on foot
Jeremy Cole - Portuguese (Lisbon)Cape Town23-May-15on foot
Joanne Roodt - Frances (SJPDP)Fish Hoek28-Sept-15on foot
Johan Le Roux - Portuguese (Porto)Worcester18-May-15on foot
Jolien De Klerk - Camino FrancesPretoria03-Jun-15on foot
Josie Schoeman – Portuguese (Porto)Pretoria03-Oct-15on foot
Judith Hultzer - Frances (SJPDP)Fish Hoek28-Sept-15on foot
Letitia Ford - Portuguese (Porto)Johannesburg21-Sept-15on foot
Leonora Veldman - Camino Frances (Leon)Paarl23-June-15on foot
Lientjie Mentz - Camino FrancesBloemfontein03-Jun-15on foot
Maretha Van Niekerk - Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West01-Jun-15on foot
Marianne van Wyk - Sarria to SantiagoPrince Alfred Hamlet12-Sept-15on foot
Marietjie van Zyl - Camino Frances (Masilla de las Mulas)Goodwood, Cape Town28-Sept-15on foot
Merle Greenwood - Portuguese (Porto)Cape Town12-May-15on foot
Michael Carl Appelgryn - Frances (SJPDP)Rustenburg30-Sept-15on foot
Morel Rosseau Le Puy to Santiago (Camino Frances)Hillcrest, KZN10-July-15on foot
Nell Kruger - Camino FrancesCape Town31-May-15on foot
Nigel Coni - Frances (Leon)Pretoria28-Jun-15on foot
Otto Wulff - Frances (SJPDP)East London16-Jun-15on foot
Pauline Rosseau Le Puy to Santiago (Camino Frances)Hillcrest, KZN10-July-15on foot
Pieter Maritz - Portuguese Porto - SantiagoStellenbosch20-Oct-15on foot
Philda Benkenstein - Astorga to SantiagoGeorge19-Sept-15on foot
Roy McTaggart - Frances (SJPDP)Pietermaritzburg04-June-15on foot
Sally Ann Kruger - Portuguese (Lisbon)Simons Town07-Jun-15on foot
Sandra van Staden - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria04-June-15on foot
Sandra van Staden - FinisterrePretoria11-June-15on foot
Sandra van Staden - MuxiaPretoria09-June-15on foot
Sann van den Berg - Frances (SJPDP)Ladybrand03-Jun-15on foot
Sue FreelingHout Bay15-May-15on foot
Susan Frost Sarria to SantiagoEdenvale21-May-15on foot
Susan Vallance - Porto - SantiagoCape Town03-June-15on foot
Silvia Santiago (Camino Frances)Blouberg, Cape Town12-Oct-15on foot
Willem Malherbe - Östereichischen (Melk to Innsbruck)Betty's Bay13-May-15on foot
William (Bill) Vallance - Portuguese Camino (Porto)Cape Town03-June-15on foot

Camino 2014

Alison Cope - Frances (Leon)Sea Point20-Aug-14on foot
Annamarie van Renen - Portuguese (Porto)Lydenberg19-Jun-14on foot
Angela Rademeyer - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg14-Jun-14on foot
Axel Braumann - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria07-Oct-14on foot
Barbara Raubenheimer - Frances (SJPDP)Hilton PMB14-Jul-14on foot
Carole Ann Green - Frances (SJPDP)Humewood02-Oct-14on foot
Carla Heskel - Frances (SJPDP)Noordhoek01-Jul-14on foot
Chris Faure - (SJPDP)Cape Town22-Sept-14on foot
Chris Faure - PortugueseCape Town13-Oct-14on foot
Chris Faure - FisterraCape Town02-Oct-14on foot
Dalena Roux - Frances (SJPDP)Franschhoek21-Oct-14on foot
David Roberts - Del Norte (Irun)Cape Town14-Oct-14on foot
David Roberts - FinisterreCape Town24-Oct-14on foot
Denise Gowar - Frances (SJPDP)Richmond (KZN)01-Oct-14on foot
Diana Jones - Frances (Pamplona)Newlands05-Oct-14on foot
Doreen Schmidt - Frances (Ponferrada)Plettenberg Bay14-Oct-14on foot
Erich Kröhnert - Frances (Burgos)Cape Town03-Aug-14on foot
Erika Schwar - Frances (Samos)Somerset West15-Jun-14on foot
Frederick Kröhnert - LeonCape Town04-Aug-14on foot
Gail Baker - Frances (SJPDP)Hermanus14-Jun-14on foot
Gerard Mac Carron - Frances (Astorga)Boksburg25-Aug-14on foot
Gerda Loubser - Frances (Rouncesvalles)Pretoria09-Oct-14on foot
Gillian Robertson - Portuguese (Porto)Gauteng25-Apr-14on foot
Helena Jordaan - Frances (SJPDP)Joostenberg Vlakte25-May-14on foot
Jac Buchner - Pamplona to SantiagoBetty's Bay30-Apr-14on foot
James Graham Greathead – Primitivo – (Oviedo)Hermanus30-Sept-14on foot
James Graham Greathead – FinisterreHermanus04-Oct-14on foot
James Green - Frances (SJPDP)Humewood02-Oct-14on foot
Jane Erasmus - Frances (SJPDP)Parow North09-Oct-14on foot
Jane Erasmus - FinisterreParow North16-Oct-14on foot
Jane Erasmus - MuxiaParow North14-Oct-14on foot
Janene Mostert - Sarria to SantiagoCape Town14-July-14on foot
Jeanne Human - Frances (Roncesvalles)Stellenbosch28-Jun-14on foot
Johan Koen - Portuguese (Porto)Plettenberg Bay20-Sep-14on foot
Johanna Susanna Koen - Portuguese (Porto)Plettenberg Bay20-Sep-14on foot
John Bell - SJPP to SantiagoPretoria07-Jun-14on foot
Julene Snyman Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West24-June-14on foot
Julian BattagliaCape Town18-Apr-14on foot
Kathy Manson - Portuguese (Rubiaes)Durbanville20-May-14on foot
Leonora Veldman - Camino Frances (Leon)Paarl16-June-14on foot
Lesley Roberts - Del Norte (Irun)Cape Town14-Oct-14on foot
Lesley Roberts - FinisterreCape Town24-Oct-14on foot
Loretta HenryCape Town10-Oct-14on foot
Lydia Naude - Portuguese (Porto)Marquard19-Jun-14on foot
Magda Bell - SJPP to SantiagoPretoria07-Jun-14on foot
Maggie TurnerTable View18-Jun-14on foot
Magteld Malinda De Kock - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria03-Oct-14on foot
Margaret Mains-Sheard - Frances (SJPDP)Johannesburg21-Oct-14on foot
Margret Jansen - Portuguese (Fatima)Hillcrest22-May-14on foot
Mariana Brits - Frances (SJPDP)Bloemfontein03-Oct-14on foot
Marina Vermeulen - Frances (Sarria)Stellenbosch25-May-14on foot
Marlene Gilbert - Portuguese (Porto)Cape Town24-Apr-14on foot
Muriel Doherty - Frances (SJPDP)Ballito28-May-14on foot
Peter Baker - Frances (SJPDP)Hermanus14-Jun-14on foot
Philip Morse - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town16-Jun-14on foot
Philip Van Der Merwe - Del Norte (Irun)Cape Town05-Aug-14on foot
Phillipa Lever-Cloete - Frances (Sarria)Pinelands08-Jun-14on foot
Riana Van Emmenis - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria25-Sep-14on foot
Ruby Braumann - Frances (SJPDP)Pretoria07-Oct-14on foot
Sonja van Zyl - Frances (SJPDP)Kempton Park30-Aug-14on foot
Sonja van Zyl - FinisterreKempton Park03-Sep-14on foot
Stefani Morse - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town16-Jun-14on foot
Taryn Mac Carron - Frances (Astorga)Boksburg25-Aug-14on foot
Ted Burke - Portuguese (Valenca)Port Elizabeth24-Jun-14on foot
Theresa Burke - Portuguese (Valenca)Port Elizabeth24-Jun-14on foot
Yvette AlbertseCape Town30-April-14on foot
Vanessa Fisher - Frances (Leon)Durban15-Jun-14on foot
Walter Manson - Portuguese (Rubiaes)Durbanville20-May-14on foot
Wilhelmina Pienaar - Frances (SJPDP)Centurion25-Sep-14on foot
Wilhelmina Pienaar - FinisterreCenturion28-Sep-14on foot

Camino 2013

Alison Cope - Frances (SJPDP to Leon)Sea Point28-Aug-13on foot
Amanda PrestonEast London3-Jul-13on foot
Andre Botha - De la Plata (Seville)Johannesburg21-Jun-13cycling
Annalie de BruynCresta28-Sep-13on foot
Anne FraserJohannesburg28-Jun-13on foot
Anni Loots -Portuguese (Porto)Prieska6-Jun-13on foot
Ansa TreurnichParys (FS)21-Jun-13on foot
Ben JagerSt Helena Bay (WC)8-May-13on foot
Carel WellingHarrismith (FS)12-Jun-13on foot
Cathy NellPretoria21-May-13on foot
Cedric MeyerMarina da Gama9-Oct-13on foot
Cheri de WaalConstantia24-May-13cycling
Cheryl BeerCape Town17-Jun-13on foot
Cheryl LauriePinelands12-May-13on foot
Christa SlabbertBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Christopher GrestDurban14-Oct-13on foot
Daniel RoosBergbron23-Apr-13on foot
Darren Combrink - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town21-June-13on foot
Debbie Botha - Portuguese (Tui)Sandton3-May-13on foot
Denise Pudney - Portuguese (Rubiaes)Port Eizabeth9-Jul-13on foot
Derick van Wyk - Frances (Ponferadda)MPUMALANGA07-April-13on foot
Dirk GroenewaldDurbanville22-May-13on foot
Dirk Loots -Portuguese (Porto)Prieska6-Jun-13on foot
Doug Boake -Portuguese (Porto)Garden View14-Oct-13on foot
Elsa Behrtel -Portuguese (Porto)Centurion05-May-13on foot
Emile KrugerSimons Town6-Jun-13on foot
Engela RoosBergbron23-Apr-13on foot
Eric PikePort Elizabeth26-May-3on foot
Errol KrugerWalmer Estate12-Oct-13on foot
Errol Kruger -FinisterreWalmer Estate16-Oct-13on foot
Errol Kruger - MuxiaWalmer Estate17-Oct-13on foot
Fiona Lees - Frances (Leon to Santiago)Hogsback, Eastern Cape20-Feb-13on foot
Francois de WaalConstantia24-May-13cycling
Gary De Klerk - Frances (SJPDP)Cape Town20-Jul-13on foot
Gary De Klerk - FinisterreCape Town24-Jul-13on foot
Gayle MatthewsVredendal14-May-13on foot
Gerdha Ochse22-May-2013on foot
Gert Schoeman – Frances (Roncesvalles)Pretoria10-May-13on foot
Gwendama KrugerWalmer Estate12-Oct-13on foot
Godfrey SolomonWest Beach10-May-13on foot
Haffie (Anna Elizabeth) StraussClanwilliam27-May-13on foot
Hendrik Behrtel -Portuguese (Porto)Centurion05-May-13on foot
Hal DaceCape Town24-Sep-13on foot
Hans King - Frances (SJPDP)Somerset West01-May-13on foot
Heather DaviesKloof29-May-13on foot
Henning RadleyMalelane4-Jun-13on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe - Portuguese (Lisbon)Betty's Bay22-Sep-13on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe (Finisterre)Betty's Bay27-Sep-13on foot
Hildegarde Malherbe (Muxia)Betty's Bay25-Sep-13on foot
Ina von BrandisGeorge21-May-13on foot
Ingrid de StadlerTokai23-Sep-13on foot
Izak van Niekerk - Primitivo (Oviedo)Citrusdal17-Oct-13on foot
Jac Buchner - Sevilla to SantiagoBetty's Bay30-Apr-13on foot
James Graham Greathead – Portuguese – (Porto)Hermanus12-Oct-13on foot
Jennifer HareCape Town17-Jun-13on foot
Jeremy Cole - Del La Plata (Seville)Cape Town24-Sep-13on foot
Jo SchuttenCape Town18-Oct-13on foot
Johan CoetseeSomerset West22-May-13on foot
Johan le RouxWorcester20-May-13on foot
Johien van NiekerkPretoria13-Jun-13on foot
John Finlayson -Portuguese (Porto)Garden View (Gauteng)14-Oct-13on foot
Joyce PikePort Elizabeth26-May-13on foot
Judith ShierDurban14-Oct-13on foot
Karen Baker - Primitivo (Oviedo)Paarl3-Jul-13on foot
Kim Lombard - Portuguese (Tui)Kempton Park3-May-13on foot
Les Ruhrmund -Portuguese (Porto)Bishopscourt7-Nov-13on foot
Lila van Niekerk - Primitivo (Oviedo)Citrusdal17-Oct-13on foot
Linsley Pudney -Portuguese (Rubiaes)Port Elizabeth9-Jul-13on foot
Lorina CronjeBethal6-Jul-13on foot
Lynne Boake -Portuguese (Porto)Garden View (Gauteng)14-Oct-13on foot
Luther van der MeschtMossel Bay8-Jun-13on foot
Lyn AndersonSandton9-Sep-13on foot
Magdeld NeethlingBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Maggie TurnerTable View7 Jun-13on foot
Margaret FargeTokai23-Sep-13on foot
Maria KyriacouStrathavon23-Oct-13on foot
Mariette ViviersKnysna21-Oct-13on foot
Marion RasJeffreys Bay14-Jun-13on foot
Martha BilroDurban21-May-13on foot
Maryka VermaakCape Town28-May-13on foot
Michael Lawrence -FinisterrePinelands02-Apr-13on foot
Michael Lawrence - MuxiaPinelands01-Apr-13on foot
Michael Lawrence -Portuguese (Porto)Pinelands29-Mar-13on foot
Mike ConnollyBordeaux (Gauteng)9-Sep-13on foot
Monica EnslinVanderbijlpark21-May-13on foot
Morrell Rosseau - Del Norte (Irun)Westville11-Jul-13on foot
Muriel van der MeschtMossel Bay8-Jun-13on foot
Nell Kruger - Portugese CaminoCape Town26-June-13on foot
Pam Miller - FisterraTable View20-Jun-13on foot
Pam Miller -Portuguese (Porto)Table View16-Jun-13on foot
Paul FahyPort Elizabeth8-Aug-13on foot
Pauline Rosseau - Del Norte (Irun)Westville11-Jul-13on foot
Peta-Lee FargeTokau23-Sep-13on foot
Philip LangHilton21-Oct-13on foot
Reinette OosthuizenBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Reinette ThiartVredendal25-Oct-13on foot
Rhona LangHilton21-Oct-13on foot
Ria GroenewaldDurbanville22-May-13on foot
Rita Sephton - Frances (SJPDP)Gauteng20-Sep-13on foot
Ruth CompionPretoria21-May-13on foot
Sally KrugerSimons Town6-Jun-13on foot
Sanet FerreiraBloemfontein6-Jul-13on foot
Stefan BothaPretoria14-Jun-13on foot
Sean du ToitStrathavon23-Oct-13on foot
Shireen MareeBordeaux (Gauteng)9-Sep-13on foot
Susanna Petronella van Wyk - Frances (Ponferadda)MPUMALANGA07-April-13on foot
Talitha Rabe -Portuguese (Porto)Garsfontein5-May-13on foot
Thomas JoubertSwellendam28-Jun-13on foot
Tony Wright -Portuguese (Lisbon)Johannesburg13-Oct-13on foot
Victoria TrehaevenJohannesburg6-Jun-13on foot
Willem Malherbe - Portuguese (Lisbon)Betty's Bay22-Sep-13on foot
Willem Malherbe (Finisterre)Betty's Bay27-Sep-13on foot
Willem Malherbe (Muxia)Betty's Bay25-Sep-13on foot
Yvonne BrandVredendal14-May-13on foot