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Confraternity of Saint James South Africa (CSJOFSA) Benefits of CSJOFSA 3 Year Membership & Renewal 

Please note that we are the Official Representative in South Africa for the Pilgrims Office in Santiago to issue Pilgrims Passports. We are also endorsed by the Spanish Consulate and offer Visa Letters to motivate for Schengen Visas. It has recently come to our attention that fraudulent copies of our passports are being sold as official documents. Our documents are copyrighted.

3 Year Membership or Renewal R100 per person

  • Benefits of membership assist when applying for a Schengen Visa when you Purchase a Pilgrim
  • Passport/Credential. (You MUST sign up or be a MEMBER to purchase Pilgrim Passport/Credential)
  • Assistance by our Confraternity during the preparation phase of your pilgrimage
  • You receive an electronic publication of Our official newsletter ‘Hola’ includes updates regarding Camino and CSJofSA matters
  • Invitations to CSJofSA social events and workshops
  • The opportunity to become a member of a very unique ‘family’ of pilgrims
  • As a member, you can purchase a Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record (This includes a Schengen Visa Letter, see image of Credential Pack below the membership form.

Quick Guide to fill out the Form (See below the Form)

Each Person requiring a visa letter and or pilgrim passport must be a member of the CSJOFSA. Each person requiring any of these must fill out all the required fields in the below form please.

Due to high volumes of application expect delays, we are unable to process membership documents in less than a week. Please fill out all details on the forms correctly. If you not not receive a confirmation email after filling out the form, then you will have to complete the form again.

Pilgrim Documentation

We are experiencing difficulties with the processing of the required documentation due to last minute requests for the Visa and Credential Applications. As mentioned before, we need at least 3 weeks for processing, and the visa must be applied for at least 3 weeks prior to your flight.

There are new rules from the Consulate regarding the Schengen Visa Letter:

  • Visa letters must be an original document (no more emails with pdfs)
  • Documents must be printed on the CSJ special paper
  • We are not allowed to send emails with pdf documents as these are not accepted for Visa Applications anymore.
  • Visa Letters may not be older than 3 months
  • We are thus holding back on issuing Visa Letters that are in advance of the 3 months stipulated dates for travel.

There have been issues with the Post Office prior to and during the postal strikes. A number of our packages have been lost, and we have had to resend these packages which has cost the Confraternity time and money. We have thus decided to do away with sending items via the Post Office and will only work with Postnet, Collections via appointment or our Courier service.

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Quick Guide to fill out the Form

The CSJofSA Membership, Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record and other items are available to select in the form below. You can tick the appropriate box to select membership & or Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record as well as other items.

What is a Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record?

The Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record is stamped during your pilgrimage at each of the refugios and albergues and cafes or restaurants along your route. Each Passport/Credential also includes an Optional Schengen Visa Letter to assist when applying for a visa, and advises the consulate that you are a pilgrim, and will be staying at refugios and albergues where it is not possible to pre-book accommodation during your walk.

If you are applying for a Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record and or Schengen Visa letter. You must be a member of the CSJofSA

How much does it cost for the 3 year Membership?
R100 Per Person

How much does it cost for a Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record? R100
(You must be a member to purchase the Credential, and each person requires one of these for their walk).

What if I don’t require the Schengen Visa Letter, I only need the – Pilgrim Passport/Credential/Record?
You still need to be a member. If you don’t require the visa letter, then CLICK ‘NO’ to the Schengen Visa application question.

(Please make an EFT payment through your bank and send proof of Payment and your FULL NAME as reference by email). Do not send a copy of the form, as this is automatically sent to CSJ.

Our Banking details, No Cheques) to:

Account Name: Confraternity of St James of S.A.
Account number: 375177248
Type of account: Business plusplan account (savings)
Bank: Standard Bank, Claremont
Branch number: 025109

Email PROOF of payment to and use FULL name as a reference for payment.

CSJofSA Camino Items for Purchase: Pilgrim Record/Credential and other items 

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Pilgrim Passport/Credential

Compostela Register 

Camino Library Books 

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